Truck’d Up

Staring David Arquette and Keith Powell from The Office, Truck’d Up is a zany comedy about a group of misfits who run and own a food truck in Los Angeles. It’s Burgess TV’s first pilot! Created and written by Ken and his two long time friends from college Jon Kommes and Ryan Karloff. Co-directed by Mr. Arquette and his long time friend Gabe Cowan of New Artist Alliance. Truck’d Up was shot in August and will be shopped to networks with a 2016 release.


Devil In Disguise

The moment when Americana Elvis transforms into Vegas Elvis. Documented by BurgessTV circa 1963. This is Ken’s second short film and is currently rounding the festival circuit! Produced by BurgessTV, written by Ken and his good friend Ryan, and staring Ken as Vegas Elvis (aka The King).



Just back from Vietnam, John J. Rambo attempts to ease back into society by staying with his sister and brother-in-law. This is Ken’s first short film that explores an absurd pop culture parody of the classic film Rambo. Written by and staring Ken and his long time comedy partner Ryan Karloff. This is the short film that solidified BurgessTV as a production company.


Muffins With Mitt

It’s 2012 and presidential candidate Mitt Romney is running neck and neck with President re-elect Barack Obama. During this high campaign action what if you got to sit down at Mitt’s house and have a chat over muffins? BurgessTV thought the same thing. A satirical web series created by and starring Ken.


Bean Bag

The power of absurdity at its finest. Bean Bag marks the beginning of self composed work for Ken. First devised in the theater basement of the University of Iowa with Alex Suha and Chris Okerberg. Then re-conceived for film with Ryan Karloff and Bryan Burgess. Bean Bag always remains one of Ken’s favorites.